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February 2020 Meeting

Updated: Jan 5

We had a wonderful, well attended meeting on the 2nd. We started our meeting with a discussion on our upcoming Mini Mojo retreat in April. Lis-el asked for our final payments; so if you haven’t done so, please send her your money. This will be a great weekend with demos, troubleshooting, glass fusing; snacks, good food and friends!!

We talked about what we would like to do during the retreat. Bevlynn will be doing a demo on the many ways you can set a non-firable stone, and there are many ways!! Laura will be showing us how she made her wonderful rings from our ring challenge. We also talked about having time to work on projects already started; new pieces and helping each other. It should be a great, creative and relaxing weekend at a new venue on the shore. There is still space if you wish to sign up; just contact Lis-el.

Our next meeting on March 8 we will discuss in more detail what to bring and what equipment we need for the retreat.

We will also have a speaker at our March meeting; Nicole Mordecai will come in to show us smartphone photography. She will bring a pop-up light box. Her presentation is about an hour and a half. Most of us use our phones to take pictures so this should be a great event.

We also had a roundtable discussion on our favorite tool(s) or new medium. We went around the table:

Eve: Dockyard mini carving set: perfect for carving dry clay and carving mats to make textures.

Michal: Bevlynn’s mini drill bit for dried or fired clay. These are made by gluing a mini drill bit for 18 gauge wire into a small wooden dowel.

Sara: Sandpaper: auto supply shops (Pep Boys) sells very fine grit for polishing after firing (or even using as an exfoliater!)

Bevlynn: Pencil: making notes is so important; sketching ideas. She also uses recycled plastic to make templates. The bottom of a micro meal container works well. MacGyver, I mean Bevlynn, is a pro at recycling, reusing and coming up with tools and techniques.

Marcia: A deburring tool for cleaning holes. Hardware stores and helpful husbands!!

Valerie: Her Pen Plating kit for adding gold to silver and her Makins extruder

Bettina: Her pickle pot: she uses base metal clay and the pickle pot is great for cleaning the metal.

Kathy H: Water brushes: She brought in a set of Arteza waterbrushes which she loves. She has one filled with Black Max for patina; a great idea, but keep an eye on the brush for signs of corrosion from it. It is a very caustic substance. LOS in gel form may be a good choice too.

Laura: Sketchbooks for design ideas and thoughts; a soft steel brush for polishing/cleaning after firing; stone setting burs to use on dry clay. She also loves RollingMill Resources for textures. They are on Etsy and make wonderful little textures on card stock.

Lynda C: She loves the CoolTools silicone molds.

Lynn Z: Her new favorite medium is journaling. She brought several beautiful handmade books to show us what she’s been up to. She explained her technique and how inspiring they are.

Sue (me): Watercoloring has been consuming me! Sketching and possibly making my own textures with botanical sketches

Lis-el: Her favorite technique is combining metal clay and glass. She showed us some of her beautiful pieces and the various ways to set glass cabs. Something we can do at our retreat!!

We did have some show & tell: Bevlynn brought in some earrings she made using her photopolymer plates which she cut along the edge, following the pattern. This made an interesting half plain/half textured piece. So clever!! She asked a question on patina since her pieces were dipped and completely dark.

We discussed dipping versus painting on patina; tumbling before and after patina and how to finish.

We also talked about the Florence Griswold Museum Wee Fairy Village exhibit for October 2020. This year’s theme is “Folly Woods”. Follies are ornamental buildings like gazebos, atriums, artificial ruins, obelisks, temples, etc. If you google it, you will see many examples. Once a building is chosen, we can decide how best to share the creation. We’d like as many guild members as possible to contribute, even a small part would be helpful. It is a very fun and creative event that is extremely popular. The museum is in Old Lyme in a lovely setting by the estuary and shoreline.

We also talked about AMCAW’s upcoming conference “SINTER” in May of 2021 in Philadelphia. Are you going to create a piece for their challenge “Hidden Worlds”? It can be jewelry or non-jewelry.

All in all, it was a great meeting, very creative and informative. As always, if you send me a picture, I will add it to the gallery.

See you on March 8 for our next meeting.

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