• Sue Hushin

Holiday Meeting 2019

Yesterday’s meeting was so much fun. We are such a talented group.

The end of year meeting isn’t only a holiday party but a reflection of what we have done over the year and what we want to do in the upcoming year. We shared so many ideas.

The most popular suggestions were: more demos/refreshers, themed projects and of course our mini mojo (one in the fall, one in the spring) and having a longer meeting for a project.

We went around the table and talked about our personal guild experience and what we would like to do. Most of us have the same thoughts, making new friends, sharing our love of metal clay, “feeding our soul” (well put by Sara) and sparking our creativity. It is so great to see new faces and hear new ideas for our future.

We talked about what we like to do: besides more mini mojos . . . themed challenges, shows, road trips, retreats outside of CT, having a meeting at a member’s home, and each of us sharing another passion that we have besides metal clay. We also talked about what we would like to do during our upcoming mini mojo; a charm exchange, projects other than metal clay, workshops.

Our gift exchange was so wonderful this year. We had such a diverse array of gifts, metal clay, felted scarves, photography, food, leather, stained glass, etched glass, resin and watercolors. We all commented that we would love to learn these new techniques, either at mojo or during our meetings. Like I said before, we are an incredibly talented, creative and diverse group. Sharing our love of art is such a big part of the inspiration and energy we have.

We had our ring challenge reveal. Again, we are such a talented group. They were all spectacular. I would love to have some pictures for our website. Please email me a photo so I can post them. Our challenge for next December is a bracelet. This could be a cuff, bangle, charm or even an anklet. The reveal will be our holiday party 2020!!

Our next meeting will be on January 5; Sara and Lisel will show us their hinges and how they made them.

Our February meeting will be on the 2nd. For Show & Tell, we are all to bring our favorite tool or other media to share.

Our March meeting is scheduled for the 8th, with the subject to be determined.

A big shout out to Bettina for providing such a great space for our meetings. We are very thankful for this perfect locale. Another big shout out to Lisel, our den mother, spiritual leader, guiding hand, sparker of all things creative, teacher and friend. I am sure we all agree that our guild is a treasured, shared experience for all of us.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all . . .

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