• Sue Hushin

January 2021: Happy New Year

First, I want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!!

We had some technical difficulties at this meeting, but we persevered and made it through. We actually switched to a free Zoom meeting to finish up.

I’d like to propose that we purchase a basic subscription to Zoom so we can have our meetings on a reliable platform. It’s $150 for a year. I think we will probably need to be doing virtual meetings at least through the spring/summer. Having the basic subscription allows us to have longer meetings. We could also do some online demos or workshops if anyone is interested. Or even just have a working meeting where we work and chat at the same time. Hopefully we won’t need to have virtually meeting for a full year, but I think it would be a good use of some of our funds.

If anyone has strong objections to not purchasing Zoom, let me know. We can get it set up for our next meeting if we go ahead.

We also talked about AMCAW. They are expanding their virtual guild meetings. They are also looking for volunteers. Laura has sent me a link to the website where you can complete a form if you are interested. https://amcaw.org/committees/

Sara updated us on the book for Lis-el’s family. It will be ready to go soon. If you are still planning to send her a page, please let her know.

Sara has been busy doing commission work! The first picture is a ring she made using fine silver chain embedded into the ring shank. A very cool technique!! The second picture are earrings made with half-drilled pearls set after firing. The third and fourth pictures are an earring to be used on the upper part of your ear (think multiple piercings) and curved around the ear.

Tammy asked about using a Silhouette. We talked about them briefly and noted that the software can be downloaded for free to try. You can also design with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Capture. Both are apps you can download. You can also create patterns and designs with Procreate, another app. That is a great app for drawing, sketching and lettering.

Our next meeting is scheduled for February 7th. We will provide a link to the meeting if we switch to Zoom.

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