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July Meeting Notes/Updates

Updated: Jul 14

We had a very informative Zoom meeting yesterday. There were only 7(?) of us, but we chatted about a lot of things.

The biggest news was the birth of Denise’s grandson, Wade Gordon Saltonstall on Wednesday, July 8. Both are well and happy and probably tired, as is Denise!!

We talked about what each of us was doing now:

Ellie is going to be taking an on-line course for cloisonné work with Merry-Lea Rae.

Josh, while not at the meeting, stated in email that he was taking the PMC Certification on-line.

Amy D sold a piece on Etsy and is working on more great pieces. She said she took all her greenware, ground it down, made paste and has been painting leaves. Her pieces below are second row, middle and right.

Laura made a piece with Aura 22 and a beautiful patina with liver of sulfur, top row, left

Tammy has been busy making toggles and clasps as well as beads first row right, second row left; she took PMC Course 101 and made the pieces in top row, middle.

AMCAW’s next virtual meeting will be 7/18. It will feature Julia Rai showing her bail techniques. Tammy will have some of her work displayed during the meeting. If you are member, you can go to the website and register for the meeting.

We had a discussion about using Aura 22 and gold clay during our show and tell. Amy stated that she uses the gold clay rather than the Aura 22. She waters it down to a paste and paints it on her pieces. She then torch fires them. She has found that this is works better and is a more economical use of the gold, which is expensive! She showed us her sword pendant with gold. She used a syringe for that.

Tammy and Laura took the on-line PMC Course 101 with Stephanie Chavez recently and they shared some pieces.

We had a discussion about all the on line opportunities for learning. AMCAW has stepped up their resource library; we heard that Craftsy is coming back; many artists offer workshops and courses now.

For those of you who want to learn new skills, Skillshare is a site that has many artists of all media, paint, photography, illustration, digital art, productivity, personal growth, etc. There is a monthly or annual fee and you have full access to a huge library of tutorials and classes. There isn’t any metal clay, but there is quite a lot to find. Also there’s YouTube with its vast library of tutorials.

Laura mentioned a website that will take scrap metal for cash. Elemetal is the name. There is one in New Haven. Check it out if you are interested in selling. Silver is going up and up in price these days. Good for selling; bad for buying.

We scheduled some meetings through December:

August 2nd

September 13th

October 4th

November 1st

December 6th – holiday party and challenge reveal (bracelets, any type)

We don’t have anything planned for these meetings yet or if they will all be Zoom or in person. Maybe we can plan something for September in person, at a park, or some other outdoor venue.

If anyone has a demo or discussion they are interested in holding during a meeting, let me know and I’ll spread the word.

Stay well, stay healthy, wear your masks in public and wash your hands frequently!! That’s my PSA for the month.




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