• Sue Hushin

June Meeting Notes

We had a great meeting today. It was lots of fun to go to for lunch. It was agreed that we should do this at least once each year. We had some general discussion; Lis-el talked about her time at Bead & Button; we talked about the clay dates at Laura Roehl’s house and maybe having another mini mojo in the late fall.

We talked about our gallery show coming up in October. I brought a display case that I got at Ikea (the Barkhyttan, if you want check it out). We will use these to display our jewelry pieces. We will use black velvet holders inside the cases. During our July meeting we will discuss this in more detail. I will be making a trip to Ikea before the July meeting. If anyone wants me to buy them a display case, let me know. They are $19.99 each.

After our lunch, we went up the street to the Little Fish Gallery and Gift Shop to talk to Barbli, the owner. She is looking forward to showcasing our items. The display boxes will work well in her shop.

We set the date for the July meeting, Sunday, July 14 back in Windsor. Lis-el will demo the new silicone mandrels from CoolTools. We will also talk more about the gallery show. We will talk about marketing, creating labels for the pieces and any other items that need to be finalized. There won’t be an August meeting due to the Mojo Conference. Our September meeting will be about finalizing all our plans for the show. Hope to see you all in July.

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