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March Meeting Notes

These notes were taken by Eve because I was unable to attend. I'm sorry I missed it; sounds like a good one.

Here are some notes: Congratulations to Sara, for having her earrings chosen for the AMCAW members only Facebook page cover! Yay Sara! Congratulations, too, to Tammy for her new job! Well done!

Eve created a beautiful cuff. If anyone wants to send me a picture of recent work. I will post it here for all to see.

Laura wishes to remind us all that the nomination form for the AMCAW Lis-el Crowley Vision Award is still open. Please submit a nominee if you have one. A tip from Laura is to write your nominating paragraph for the form in Word, which will give you a character count so you can keep it from becoming too long. Then copy and paste into the form. The deadline for the vision award is 3/17. Here's the link to get more info and the form. https://amcaw.org/lcva/ We only have 5 submissions so far. Nominations close on March 17 and the winner will be announced in May, 2021.

AMCAW’s virtual guild meeting is coming up on March 20. Go to their website to sign up. Sian Hamilton is the guest speaker and will talk about photography and getting the best pictures of your work. Laura forgot to mention that you can submit photos for show and tell to learn how she would improve the photos that haven't turned out the way you wanted. I submitted a before and after picture of a ring I made. I figured I'd get her advice about what might be good or bad about how I edited it. If you are going to be on the live meeting you will find where to submit your photos on the registration page.

We discussed getting ready to meet in person in the upcoming months. We all miss Lis-el very much, and this is another way we will experience the pain of her absence. It will be an adjustment to meet again without her leadership and guidance. We need to find locations that will be feasible for us to gather, and possibly work. Some of the members volunteered to investigate potential meeting spots.

We also talked about things to present when we meet. “Evolving and sharing” came up. Perhaps we can share new things we are working on, not necessarily metal clay but related. Also, members felt that challenges have been a good springboard for us all and maybe we can do a new one.

Some random tips and info—

Bevlynn mentioned that March is National Craft Month, and if you are a subscriber of Comcast/XFinity, you can find some good videos for free, especially the ones from Craftsy that they are offering. Check out Nancy L.T. Hamilton. She can also be found on YouTube.

Laura found the metalclaypowder web site. They are selling FS powder, enough to make 50g, for $80.

She also was interested in Lora Hart’s die and tap video for making a screw-top vessel. If anyone has any information on this type of technique, please let Laura Roehl know.

Ellie purchased some fantastic clear storage boxes from MDesign (google). She likes how they help her organize and they fit on a bookcase. Spring cleaning time!

Last, Ellie also mentioned some videos by Francesa Watson that can be found on The Makery web site. She highly recommends this teacher.

That’s all for this month! Be well, everyone! The time changes next weekend, a lot of us are getting vaccinated, and better days are coming!

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