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May 5 2019 Meeting

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

We had another great meeting this month. There was general discussion about our retreat in April.

We talked about what we liked and disliked at this retreat. Since we are getting to be such a big group (yay!!), we are going to ask to use the White Barn room at the Retreat House. It is a larger room with better lighting and will suit our growing needs. We will book the first weekend in April 2020 for our next retreat.

We also talked about our new members. We had the idea to have “metal clay buddies” so our newest, less experienced artists could have someone to help mentor and teach. We talked about having small workshops to teach basic skills and techniques. This is an ongoing process that we are refining as we add new members.

We also talked about having small workshops using other media such as acrylic pours, alcohol inks to dye scarves or make prints. If anyone has ideas for other projects, please let us know. Adding new items to your skill bucket is always fun.

There was also discussion about having an offsite studio meeting as something different; bringing in a teacher using the funds from our guild dues.

Lis-el then discussed some upcoming ideas that AMCAW is talking about. An annual conference with the first being planned for 2021; more exciting challenges and a certification process. There will be many updates on their website, www.amcaw.org.

We had lots of show and tell items, some are highlighted below.

New work from Evelyn Paleti

Sara Brown created this inspired beauty to honor a friend's spouse

Our next meeting is scheduled for June 16. We will hold the meeting in East Hampton, CT, for a nice lunch and then a visit to the gallery where our show will be. We will meet for lunch, hold our meeting and then go to the gift shop/gallery. Lunch will be at either Jessica’s Garden or Carter Hill Farm on Route 66 in Marlborough, CT. We will finalize this closer to the date of the meeting. We will discuss the show in more detail at that meeting.


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