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November Meeting Notes

We had another great virtual meeting. Laura has found a different provider for our meetings so we can talk longer than the free Zoom platform. It’s called Jitsi and we will provide a link for each meeting. It seemed to work just fine. Thanks Laura!!

We talked a bit about Lis-el and the lovely memorial service her family held on October 11. We are all still struggling with her loss and not being able to meet in person has only added to it. We will get through this and soon be able to meet in person.

I had wanted to mention at the meeting, but forgot . . . Jerry’s Artarama in West Hartford, CT has a space over the store they want to rent out. It’s a 3000 sq. ft studio space. I haven’t looked into cost or what any of the specifics are, but I know we will need a meeting place. I think this would be ideal since it is already set up as a studio, at least I think it would be. Jerry’s is an art store for those who aren’t familiar. The West Hartford shop is in the Elmwood section if you want to google it. It’s just a thought.

We talked about our December meeting at Robert’s studio in Beacon Falls, CT. We all agreed that we should keep a wait and see attitude for now since the COVID cases seem to be going up. While it would be wonderful to meet in person, and many of us want to, we need to be cautious. I guess we will have to reevaluate the situation as we go. The plan if we do have the holiday meeting would be to have a potluck and handmade gift exchange with our bracelet challenge reveal. If we don’t meet in person, we will still have the bracelet challenge reveal.

We talked about Sara and Bevlynn’s book for Lis-el’s family. Below is the information from Sara’s original email:

Hey Friends...This is the information promised at the last guild mtg.by Bevlynn regarding creating a tangible, hard copy "memoir journal" for Lis-el's family. I am hoping that at least 10 people (or more) will want to participate.

The idea is to create a page front and back that encompasses Lis-el for you that you would like to share with the family. What you do with the page is up to you. You may include words, drawings, collage...whatever... The parameters around the "page" are: 6X8 inch leaving 1/2" border/margin on left side, your choice of paper, please don't go dimensional as it could make binding the "journal" difficult.

I would like pages to be mailed flat to me and will coordinate with Bevlynn putting together and binding. The cost for mailing will most likely be under $5. I would like to receive pages by November 30th in order for me to bring to Robert's when we have our holiday celebration so people can see the journal before I give it to the family. Also could you please email me letting me know if you are going to participate. Thanks guys. Looking forward to being with everyone at Robert's.

Here is Sara’s contact information:


Sara Brown

46 Lilly Street

Florence, MA 01062

We talked about iPhone photography and Laura mentioned a class by Holly Gage. While the class doesn’t have a replay, Laura has provided the very detailed class notes link:


Pam East also did a video on Craftcast about photography. It was more geared to using a regular SLR camera; but some of the techniques are the same. If anyone is on Skillshare, there are some good videos there as well. You can probably go on Youtube and find some for free. I believe it’s all about the lighting and keeping the background clean and simple. I have a portable lightbox that works pretty well. A tripod helps too. If we ever get together again, we can certainly have a workshop on photography. It seems to be the Achilles heel for many of us.

We had some beautiful show and tell items. It is so great that some of you are creating. I wish I could get motivated. Looking at these pieces is very inspiring. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t get the dropbox link to work as an active link. I have put in the address below. If you copy/paste it into your address line on your internet provider, it should work. Maybe Laura could send out an addendum to this email with the actual link. I don’t know why mine isn’t working. I will post some of the pictures on the website in the blog post later today.

Sara Brown

Tammy Ribaudo

Kathy Hammond: Michael Marx class

Josh sent me a link to an article written about him and his work. Way to go Josh! Here’s a story written up about me on website for organization I volunteer for.


If you are a member of AMCAW, their virtual guild meetings are quarterly and quite fun to watch and participate in. Robert was the guest at the October meeting. There is a link on AMCAW’s website so you can watch it. Correction from email: It was all about design, “Why Design?”. It was an excellent presentation with so much information. I recently rewatched Robert’s Craftcast on resin and it got me thinking about Lis-el’s Orgone pyramids; so of course, I went a silicone pyramid mold, some resin and a few other items to make my own!! Resin is such a great complement to metal clay. You need some metal in the mold so instead of buying chips or granules, I’m going to use my old reconstituted clay and make some balls. I have some copper clay too. If memory serves, Lis-el used metal filings or chips that she bought. I’ll have to look into that. Let me know if you are interested. I have some notes from when we made them at the mini mojo.

I think I got everything. If there is anything you want me to add to the blog, let me know. Also, if you have any other Lis-el memories for our website, please send them. There is no time limit. AMCAW is still looking for submissions. I believe they are accepting through this weekend, but I’m not sure of the date. I will post a blog later today or tomorrow and add the pictures from show and tell.

Keep the faith everyone and remember:

May you be happy

May you be at peace

May you find ease

May you find loving kindness

This is from a guided meditation app I found: Ten Percent Happier. It has some wonderful sessions for free, but I splurged for the subscription. I find it very welcoming, calming and helpful.

Stay safe and enjoy this lovely late fall weather!

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