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October Meeting

Our October meeting seemed to be a moving target this month; we settled on the 6th and a great time.

We started by celebrating Lis-el’s birthday!! Of course, there was cake and good wishes from all!!

We had a great discussion about our gallery/gift shop show. We talked about the impact of event planning and social media’s role. We talked about having a Facebook page for the guild, being more active on other social media sites, among other suggestions. One aspect was the reception; it was thought that having it on a day when the venue gets heavy traffic could be a better option than the opening day. We also discussed plans for future shows. Several members are going to look into wineries in CT and MA. If you are in the area, you should go to East Hampton, CT and check out our show at Little Fish Gallery and Gift on Main Street. Our display is beautiful.

We also talked about our Wee Faerie Village installation at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, CT. I will post pictures of our display on the blog. Bettina, Bevlynn, Sara and Lynda did a great job representing the guild with their Wonder Woman Supertopia hideout. We talked about having more guild participation in this event for next year. We discussed having other guild members make a component piece or pieces. It’s a really fun project and a beautiful museum. If you get a chance, take a drive to Old Lyme. It’s a beautiful town. You can grab a picnic lunch; head to Ferry State Park to watch the boats; then head over to the museum. (that’s what my daughter and I did!)

Lis-el did a short demo on the new silicone ring mandrels sold by CoolTools. She showed us how easy they are to use for ring making. These silicone mandrels are individual by size and you can work directly on them. Because they are silicone, you don’t need any release agent. Once the ring is dried, it comes right off. She also showed us how to make domed dots using plastic wrap, a technique first introduced by Hadar Jacobson, then shown in a CoolTools video by Cindy Pope.

You roll out your clay to whatever thickness you want, at least 3 or more for good height; place a piece of regular plastic wrap over it and smooth it out. Then you take a punch, straw, tiny cutter, and press it into the wrap; wiggle it a bit and repeat for however many you want. You remove the plastic wrap and take away the excess clay. Sometimes they adhere to the wrap, sometimes they need coaxing; but it makes a smooth domed dot. These can be perfect components for a ring since they have a flat back. Let them dry completely. When you are ready to use, simply dip in water and place on your piece. Any “skin” or excess around the dot melts away with the water. You press slightly for good contact and voila!!! You can make them ahead and have a nice supply to use when you are ready to create a new piece.

We also talked about our November meeting. It is 11/3 in Windsor. Eve is going to demo how she uses accent gold.

We talked about our mini Mojo for next April. We are looking for ideas of what to do.

It was a very productive meeting. I’m sure I missed something . . .

See you in November!!

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