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October Meeting Notes

This post is from Eve's notes:

Today I am filling in for Guild Scribe Sue Hushin. Sue is away this weekend spending some time with her daughters. We hope she is having fun!

Todays Zoom meeting was a quiet one. We remembered that it is Lis-el’s birthday today.

That lead us to some discussions that we had. One was brought up by Bevlynn, on behalf of Sara and herself. They have offered to make a book gift for Lis-el’s family, created by Guild members. What they are imagining is letters, collages, photos (or anything you wish to submit) that honor Lis-el. Sara will collect them and Bevlynn offered to bind them with a machine that she has. Sara will be sending an email with specifics soon. An email was sent to guild members on 10/8/2020.

The other discussion to memorialize Lis-el was a proposal by Sue Hushin to make a Guild submission to AMCAW’s memorial page. Sue is asking for words, pictures, etc. that she will then combine into one Guild tribute to submit. Please send Sue any material that you would like to contribute. I sent a submission to AMCAW on Tuesday. I think they accepted it; but I haven't looked.

Sue is also still asking for submissions from Guild members for the Guild web site memorial page. Please send along anything—word, pictures, metal clay work, etc.-- anything that you wish to post as your personal remembrance of Lis-el. I have been adding to the website section for Lis-el's remembrances. Please check it out. If you have anything you want to add, let me know. You can make multiple submissions, no length limitations, pictures are welcome.

In other topics at the meeting, Laura, Kathy and Ellie took Michael Marx’s class and did “show and tells” of what they made. They all agreed that taking the class was refreshing and inspiring, as these are trying times for everyone. The work was well done and interesting and it looked like they had a good class!

Josh shared photos of some his new work, much of it inspired by Lis-el’s techniques. He was able to receive some photography kudos and also a few tips from other members.

Bevlynn is contemplating whether to go forward with planned “live and in person” classes she has scheduled for the Springfield Museums where she teaches. It’s a dilemma, to be sure! No one else who was present teaches, so there was no advice for her. However, Laura is going to connect her with someone she knows who has been teaching in person. Good luck, Bevlynn, we hope you get some helpful advice!

Laura would like to send us all a link to a recording of the meeting that she made. This might be welcomed by anyone who wasn’t able to attend. The meeting was short, since Zoom wanted to cut us off due to it being a free use of the platform. Laura set us up to jump over to a Google meeting, but not everyone came along at that point. I wasn’t able to get the Google meeting to work for me so I also left at that time.

Next meeting is scheduled for November 1. Hope to see you all there!

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