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September Meeting

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

We had another great meeting this month. There were so many of us at this meeting, 20 I think!!

We had a great discussion about the August Mojo Retreat. We talked about our likes and dislikes. Many mentioned that handouts at the presentations would have been helpful. Some of us who gave our email address to the presenters for follow-up information are still waiting for them. Lis-el asked us to state what we would like to see at the AMCAW conference, which is scheduled for May 2021 in Pittsburgh, PA. She anticipates about 300 participants attending, which is quite different from the Mojo conferences. There will be more presentations, pre and post conferences, a vendor hall, etc. We are all very excited!

We had a Show & Tell where many of us brought our Mojo creations. It was great fun to see everything. We rock!! Laura Roehl made curved bail forms to give out. She used rubber tubing and wire. Very clever!! A great way to create a curved bail. Thank you Laura!!

We also discussed our guild Mini Mojo retreat, tentatively scheduled for April or June, 2020. We are looking at the possibility of a different venue due to date conflicts with the Guest House. We talked about Wisdom House in Litchfield or Mercy Center in Madison. Lis-el will contact them and let us know. The guild has money to bring in a guest artist.

We also had discussion about our upcoming gallery show in October. I will be sending out a separate email to the show participants and doing another blog with final dates and information. The show is at the Little Fish Gallery and Gift in East Hampton, CT.

Our next guild meeting is 10/13. We will discuss the show and what we want to do for our upcoming meetings. Lis-el will demo the new ring mandrels.

If anyone has questions about the meetings or the upcoming show, please feel free to contact me, Denise or Eve. Contact us to arrange your jewelry pickup.

Other information: the November meeting will be 11/3; the December meeting will be 12/1. This is our annual holiday meeting. Pot luck, grab bag gift (handmade, not necessarily metal clay, $30 value), ring challenge reveal. The ring challenge is to make a ring, pushing your skills to the next level. Try a new technique, experiment with gemstones or texture or both.

I’m sure I’m missing something, but I can’t think of it right now. It was a great meeting with lots of good discussion. If anyone has ideas of what they would like to do or discuss at our upcoming meetings, contact Lis-el via email.

Join us at the opening reception!!


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