Introducing the crew

Get to know the people who help run our Guild.

Lis-el Crowley
October 4, 1951 - September 11, 2020
Founder & Director

Creating and teaching were at the core of just about everything Lis-el did. She found inspiration everywhere and enjoyed the camaraderie and community that is built when people of like minds and spirits gather together.

Lis-el was the Guild's guide and leader.

Guild Scribe and Webmaster
Sue Hushin
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Who can say where your journey will take you. Mine started when I took a simple soldering class with Lis-el, which lead to my discovery of metal clay. Be inspired by your environment; be open to new adventures and learning.

Sue keeps meticulous notes at each meeting and maintains the Guild's web site.

Lynda Cmara

Lynda is the keeper of the "bank" for the Guild.